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U. S. 1 Infantry Officer's Button
Item #: 27w1812
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Backmark: ""H.WISHART/N. YORK"rm (24.5mm)
Super condition, pictures do not do justice, or come close to showing how outstanding this button is. A non excavated U.S.I. - 1st Regiment Officer's coat button. Flat, one piece, raised design, Sheffield silver plated copper. Made between 1808-1812 before the war of 1812. There is a whole line of these buttons with slightly different variations in patterns. This one shows in high relief and great detail, the roman letters "U.S.I." in the top legend. Below which is an arch banner with "E PLURIBUS UMUM" inscribed within. Below we have the spread wing eagle, head facing left, with the federal shield angled toward the left. Shield has 6- 3 lined vertical lines with, 8 single lines above running horizontally. In the eagle's left talon is an Olive branch with seven petals. In the eagle's right talon he holds a single arrow facing right. Below the eagle is the abbreviation for regiment "REGt." The back showing the full stand up shank, and in great and outstanding detail, the spectactular backmark of Hugh Wishart, who made this button. Above and below the backmark are two 5 pointed stars from which is eminating outword, arrows to dots, in a semi circle. On the very top of button back features what appears to be hand engraving, of a bug or fly sitting on top of a cascading array of petals along each side. Also if you look close the period is below the "N" and there is a x below the "T" .

This button is assuradly a Sheffield silver plated copper, blank planchat button, imported to the states, where Wishart put his die stamp impression and great early backmark on using the split mold process. Just a super cool button with great history to it.

Backmark: ""H.WISHART/N. YORK"rm (24.5mm)

Ref: Albert GI53A -
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