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UPDATED 11/10/2011

My Gettysburg Blog Page


I first visited Gettysburg in 1990; my father in law took me. I thought "Gettysburg", what and where the heck is that, having no idea. We toured the battlefield with a guide and visited the shops around town. One of which was the Horse Soldier, where I got my first civil war relic, a fired common bullet from the battlefield. At that time they had a barrel full of them in the front entrance. After that I was hooked on the civil war and the battle of Gettysburg.

I have been to hundreds of fields of battle over the years, each one is very special in its own way, and all need to be preserved as best as possible. I yet long each year to go back to Gettysburg, to visit long forgotten areas where ordinary men made decisions that changed history. Could I have survived, would I run or fight.

I also keep an eye out for historic artifacts from the battle. Some of the earliest artifacts have in the last few years been offered to the public, that once were some of the earliest collections. Some say these artifacts offered are very high priced, or you can find that somewhere else. Maybe, but not from the battlefields of Gettysburg.

The Gettysburg battlefield was littered with all kinds of artifacts, which people started collecting right a way. Some of the biggest and most documented collections came out of that and over the years have been sold off. They were showcased for many years and have taken a sort of aura about them.

No one really owns anything in this life, I am only the caretaker,right now for the artifacts and relics I have, and when I go, hopefully they will be preserved as much as I have preserved them.

Enjoy viewing and learning from these historic relics, and remember that long ago they were for destruction and killing in an era of great strife and despair and of hope and peace.