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We am pleased to offer the following Civil War relics

All items on this page are for historical reference and education

To further promote the hobby of Civil War collecting, history and preservation of our nations past.




Confederate Staff Officers Button

CS Local-Eagle Facing Left
13starsfront.jpg (34180 bytes)
13starsback.jpg (27613 bytes)
Backmark: ""Blank Back Local(25mm)"
This superb rare local button was intended for confederate officers,and is of confederate wartime manufacture. It has the eagle in the relaxed position on a pedestal, and was made to appear like a three part staff button, but the fat rim is integral to the design. Has a lined field with the 13 stars. This is a coat size two part high convex button, with false rim. Has the blank channel in back, with the stand up shank intact. Has some gilding, with a minor push in front. Another one of my favorite button. Not at all common in this condition. This button was found in Fredericksburg Virginia.
Ref: Albert CS42A, Tice CS290A1 -

Confederate Staff Officers Button

CS Local-Eagle Facing Right
cs20museumfront.jpg (34180 bytes)
cs20museumback.jpg (27613 bytes)
Backmark: ""Blank Back Local(25mm)"
Another superb rare "Dug" local button, intended for confederate officers, and is of confederate wartime manufacture. It has the eagle with wings in the relaxed position, holding the olive branch in its right talon, and arrows in its left talon. Has the lined field with 12-5 pointed stars encircling. This is a two piece, high convex large coat size button, with false rim, giving the impression of the three piece "staff" style, but the rim is integral to the design . The front of this button shows very good detail with much gold gilting left. Does have a small crease just under the eagle. The back has the wide well formed channel with narrow flat area around shank. Has the full stand up shank intact, which is made of brass or copper. You rarely see this button, let alone in this nice of condition

This button was recovered on private property at Chickamauga, GA in 1965, by Dr. Rees Buttram.
Ref: Albert CS20A, Tice CS251A1 -



Confederate States Navy Coat Button
csn212a1front.JPG (34180 bytes)
csn212a1back.JPG (27613 bytes)
Backmark: "".TREBLE STANDd/EXTRA RICH."(25mm)
Here is a beautiful original, non dug confederate navy coat button. This is the style with the anchor in the center atop of 2 crossed cannons. Below the anchor are the letters "CSN". It has a nice amount of the original gilding intact that makes a nice display. This button has never been cleaned, and could be to bring out more of the gilding. This is also the scarce version as the rope border of the button has a left hand twist instead of the standard right hand twist. Only one in the entire series to do this, which makes it scarce. The back has the full tight stand up shank and the correct civil war back mark. Tice says this is a "...difficult to find" button.
Ref: Albert-CSN212a1


Confederate Artillery Button

CS Local Button
csalocalgettyfront.JPG(34180 bytes)
csalocalgettyback.JPG (27613 bytes)
Backmark: ""E. M. Lewis & Co./Richmond VA. rmdc(23mm)
This is a very good dug, CS local Artillery button, two piece, convex. Wide border with the roman 'A' on a plain field. This one was found at or near Benner's Hill in Gettysburg. Most likely dropped along the way to benner's hill, before the attach on Culps Hill.Found in 1981 by a local digger, this button is in good shape considering the time in the ground. Has the brass face and the copper back and shank, which is still attached to the back.Local maker marked.
Ref: Albert-CS116, Tice-CSA240A1 -


Confederate Cavalry (Cuff) Button
csc203am3front.JPG(34180 bytes)
csc203am3back.JPG (27613 bytes)
Backmark: ""SKW/EXTRA RICH" dm with initials reversed inside a butterfly(16mm)
Here is a button not usually seen. It is a convex, two piece, Confederate cavalry cuff button.The face has the lined Roman "C" on a plain field. The front of this one is real nice with no defects. The back has the full shank, although a little loose, along with the unique backmark, which is a butterfly with reversed SKW initials inside and EXTRA RICH. This is the mark of Smith, Kemp & Wright. This is a real nifty little button, that is rare to find.
Ref: Tice-CSC203am3 -


Confederate Infantry Button

Script "I", "CS", "LOCAL" button
csscript1front (34180 bytes)
csscript1front (27613 bytes)
Backmark: ""Blank depressed wide channel,with star"
-Made by Wildt,Superb southern manufactured, infantry script "I","CS","LOCAL"button. This wartime made button was for infantry troops,is two part high convex coat size(22.5mm) that bears the "I" which was inspired by the English design surrounded by "CS". This crude southern "LOCAL" has a brass face with copper back,stand up iron wire shank and is crudely crimped on the back. This is why I love these southern locals. Some small pushs are common, and this one is better than most.
Ref:Albert-CS189A, Tice-CSI261A1(iron shank) -

Confederate Block "I" With Stars Button

CS Local
ibuttonwithstarsfront.jpg (34180 bytes)
ibuttonwithstarsback.jpg (27613 bytes)
Backmark: ""Blank Back Local"(23.5mm)
Here is a super nice confederate wartime manufacture block "I" with stars.This is a nondug speciman, and would have been worn by infantry troops. Stars encircle the "I", usually they are weakly stampted, but these are very crisp, and overall the front is very sharp on detail. This crude southern "local" has a brass front, with sheet iron for the back, copper wire shank upright and tight. Very crudly crimped but original. This button screams southern pride, and manufacture.
Ref: Albert-CS186A, Tice-CSI255A1 -

Confederate Infantry Button

Cast One Piece "LOCAL" button
butonepieceinfantryfront.jpg (34180 bytes)
butonepieceinfantryback.jpg (27613 bytes)
Backmark: ""Blank"
This is an excavated wartime made button, even though kind of common, this one is in fine shape and is for infantry troops. Convex coat size(23mm) that bears the plain roman "I" on the front of this bronze cast one piece. The back has the full drilled wedge type shank.This is a really nice button all the way around
Ref:Albert-CS184, Tice-CSI275A1 -

Confederate Infantry Button

butcsinfantrymyersfront.jpg (34180 bytes)
butcsinfantrymyersback.jpg (27613 bytes)
Backmark: ""E.M.L & C./Richmond.Va"dm
This beauty is an excavated Block "I" local, infantry. Two piece,convex button. Shows a great pleasing patina, front and back. Local made during the war,with brass front and copper back and shank. Still has a piece of thread attached to the shank. This one has a tight back but also shows the crudeness of manufacture,the shank is bent but original. Very crisp Backmark in a depressed channel,shows well and in overall nice condition.
Ref:Albert-CS 181a, Tice-CSI240a1 -




Alabama Volunteer Corps, Officers button - Non Dug
ab210a2front.JPG (34180 bytes)
ab210a2back.JPG (27613 bytes)
Backmark: ""*D. EVANS & Co/ATTLEBORO*MASS" (23mm)
WINGS UP, any one, here is a super nice condition Wings up Alabama Volunteer Corps coat button. Only one in this series to do this and unusual. This is a two piece, convex button with the wings up design on the eagle, the lined initials "A. V. C. "are between the up swept wings of an eagle on a plain field. Holding in his out stretched feet are 3 arrows and a six pedal olive branch. The back has the stand up shank intact, and the depressed mark of D. Evans, See TICE page 21, plate B4-17 for more info on back mark. D. Evans made this button around 1860 or so.
Ref:Tice - AB210a2 -


Georgia State Seal

Militia "Local" (23mm)
galocalfront.jpg (34180 bytes)
galocalback.jpg (27613 bytes)
Backmark: ""Blank" 23mm
Real, Real, nice condition Georgia militia state seal , "local" coat button. Manufactured in the south during the war. Most likely by C. Royer of New Orleans La. This one features the wide border, is of two piece construction and is convex. The front is real pretty, shows exceptional features and has a load of gilting left. Features the state coat of arms with the three pillers holding up the dome, which would of had the word "constitution", with the suns rays above. The banners would of had on them, "Wisdom", "justice", and "moderation", With the militiaman holding a sword in his left hand, which signifies defense of the constitution. The back is solid and has the full stand up copper or wire shank. Also has the depressed rounded channel. While these are pretty common, the condition of this one makes it a little more rarer. Has only a small indentation in the center, but otherwise there are no cracks, nicks, chips.

This button was excavated many years ago, in a Confederate winter camp, near Manassas Va.
Ref: Tice GA230b1 -



Dug Louisiana State Seal (24.3mm)
LApuffedbackfront.jpg(34180 bytes)
LApuffedbackback.jpg (27613 bytes)
Backmark:"Blank - "puffback""
Real nice excavated Louisiana state seal, southern wartime manufacture. This pattern is known as the "puffback". Features the pelican with a side view, on a plain field, with very pronounced border. Has some traces of gilding. The back is convex making it appear puffed, shank fully intact. Two piece coat size, with very sharp details. This southern "Local" is crudely stamped and assembled as most locals are. A New Orleans producer most likely made this somewhat rare button. This one was recovered in Fredericksburg, Va.

Ref: Albert LA12, Tice LA266A1 -

Non Dug Louisiana State Seal
la8bfront3.jpg(34180 bytes)
la8bback2.jpg(27613 bytes)
Backmark:" - "Bellenot & Ulrich/N.O."rm-21mm"
"Spectactular" is all I can say, about this non dug Louisiana coat button. The normal ones are rare enough, but this one is super rare. Made of copper this one also has the sliver plating on it. Very, very few were made this way. This one still has a nice amount of the silver plate, which shows in all the right places, along with the copper aged patina, it is a show, stopper. Not a nick, dent or scratch on the face. Very pronounced long beak of the pelican feeding her young. The back is in super condition, with the full shank, although a little bent. The backmark is weak as usual, but is there and a lot of it is readable. Two piece, with very sharp details. This southern "Local" is crudely stamped and assembled as most locals are. This one was made very early in the war by Bellenot & Ulrich from New Orleans, they had a partnership for a very short time starting in 1860. Ulrich was a gilder and silver plater who came to New Orleans in 1855. So it stands to reason some of these were silver plated, although very few. Superb condition button

Ref: Albert LA8b, Tice LA249b -


Mississippi Militia Button

mp5buttonfront.JPG(34180 bytes)
mp5buttonback.JPG(27613 bytes)
Backmark: ""Blank"- (22mm)
Absolutely beautiful button, dug, Mississippi militia coat button. Two piece, convex. Proudly shows the flat 5 pointed star in the center of a lined background, with "MISSISSIPPI" surrounding. A dot lies at the bottom or 6 o'clock area. Some gold gilt remains, no dents or cracks very solid. The back has the original thin wire shank firmly in place, inside a small depressed area. Outer portion is flat. Some gold gilt remains. An overall real beautiful button.

These were most likely made by C. Bellenot of New Orleans La. Since New Orleans fell early in the war, this button was made early, although a good amount were made.

This button was excavated near the Howlett line of defences in Chesterfield ,Virginia. These defences were put up to block Butlers advance during the Burmuda Hundred campaign.
Ref: Tice MP230A1 -

Mississippi (Cuff) Militia Button

mp5cufffront.JPG (34180 bytes)
mp5av1.JPG(27613 bytes)
Backmark: ""Blank"- (14.5mm)
This button is a gem, an excavated Mississippi local cuff button. Convex, two piece construction. Although a little dark in apperance the button depicts a flat 5 pointed star in the center with the word "MISSISSIPPI" surrounding, with a dot in the 6 o'clock position. All this on a crude lined background. Traces of gold gilting remaining and there are not any dents, or cracks. The back has the full original stand up shank inside a depressed area, with a wide flat outer area, with some remaining gold gilt. Overall a beautiful and rare confederate Mississippi cuff button.

These were most likely made by C. Bellenot of New Orleans La. Since New Orleans fell early in the war, this button was made early and very few were made.
Ref: Tice MP230As2 -


North Carolina State Seal Button

butncstatesealfront.jpg (34180 bytes)
butncstatesealback.jpg(27613 bytes)
Backmark: ""S. A. MYERS/RICHMOND VA"rmdc
This is a real nice example of a, North Carolina State seal,(LOCAL) of southern wartime manufacture. Depicks the seal of North Carolina, ladies Liberty, and Plenty. Two part coat size button, 22.5mm in size. Has a very crisp front and nicely toned. The back has the desireable backmark "S. A. MYERS/RICHMOND VA" which is very well stamped and clear on this example. Stand up shank which is original. These are normally crudely stamped and assembled.
Ref: Tice NC210a1 -

North Carolina State Seal Button

nc210d21front.JPG (34180 bytes)
nc210d2back.JPG(27613 bytes)
Backmark: ""Blank - depressed Channel" (23mm)
Very, Very, Very, nice condition, non dug, North Carolina State Seal. This is a Local, made during the war. The front is very crisp on this one, which is unusual, most all of its original gilding is present. Just a very nice detailed, showing button.This is a two piece, convex button with the North Carolina above in an arch, very crisp.Below is the female figures of Liberty and Plenty, also very crisp. The back also has very nice detail and has the original full stand up shank. Notice the crude crimping on the back, just says confederate made all the way.
Ref: Tice NC210d2 -

North Carolina Starburst

nc13front.JPG (34180 bytes)
 nc13back.jJPG27613 bytes)
Backmark: ""Southern Wartime Manufacture"

Original and unaltered in Remarkable dug condition. I have been looking about 10 years to procure a specimen as this, very elusive. Then in the last year I have seen a few come up.

This die struck button, not cast as some say, is made of thick gilded sheet copper, without border. The front shows the starburst design, with the 8 points like a clock, on a plain background. The NC lies on top of a very finely stippled matte background, within a very wide (2mm) raised ring. This series is made of Very high quality and of superior die work, as compared to the other starburst designs. The back has the soldered on original shank, although bent still firmly attached. Much gilding still showing all around.

This very, very rare button was found years ago in the Chancellorsville Va. area.

These are reportedly to have been made early in the war , perhaps by the firm of Louis Froehlich and B. Estvan at there Wilmington Sword factory, which moved to Keanansville in 1862 .
Ref: Tice NC230A1 -

North Carolina Starburst

nc14front.jpg (34180 bytes)
 nc14back.jpg(27613 bytes)
Backmark: ""Southern Wartime Manufacture"
- Here is a super condition non dug starburst button ,made of copper and guilded.The background is stippled, with an eight- pointed star and the NC is surrounded by a wide raised band at the center of the star. The back has the shank, in solid condition with very distinct lathe marks. This button is in super sharp condition, and is especially rare and hard to find in this non-dug condition.
Ref: Tice NC233A1 -

North Carolina Sunburst

nc14afront.jpg (34180 bytes)
 nc14aback.jpg(27613 bytes)
Backmark: ""Southern Wartime Manufacture"
- This is the smaller dug example,very simple but yet appealing, measuring 17mm,one piece cast copper, it has a very clear and sharp face with the 8 points with a stippled background, showing some gilding. Clearly showing the spin marks attesting they were formed on a lathe. Has the brazed on shank but with a break. This is a faily rare button.There is evidence that the 6th North Carolinia Regiment may have used these buttons This one was found in Greensboro North Carolinia.
Ref: Tice NC233Am1 -

North Carolina Sunburst

nc15dugfront.jpg (34180 bytes)
 nc15dugback.jpg(27613 bytes)
Backmark: ""Southern Wartime Manufacture"
- A very good dug example, measuring 22mm,one piece cast copper, it has the 8 points with the prime one down, with a stippled background. The NC in a lined field surrounded by an 11mm circle. The shanks are almost always broken off on these but this one still has the shank fully intact. This is a faily rare button with the shank. These are reportedly made by Louis Froehlich and B. Estvan at there Wilmington Sword factory, which moved to Keanansville in 1862.
Ref: Tice NC239A1 -

North Carolina Sunburst

nc16anondugfront.jpg (34180 bytes)
nc16anondugback.jpg (27613 bytes)
Backmark: ""Southern Wartime Manufacture"
Superb, scarce non dug example, measuring 23mm, die struck of thin sheet copper of one piece construction. The NC is on a irregularly lined field. Typically the "C" is rotated slightly upward in a counter clockwise direction, this is all within a ring 10mm in diameter. 7 point stars with the prime one up. These confederate locals show some crudeness in strikes and planchets, and on many the lower rays of the design tend to be smeared. Also this series differ slightly from the others, in that the motif appears on a finely pebbled background instead of the stippled field. The impression of the strike also appears on the back. This one also has a solid brass shank soldered on the back. These again are reportedly made by Louis Froehlich and B. Estvan at there Wilmington Sword factory, which moved to Keanansville in 1862.
Ref: Tice NC242a1 -

North Carolina Sunburst

nc16bfront.jpg(34180 bytes)
nc16bback.jpg(27613 bytes)
Backmark: ""Southern Wartime Manufacture"
Really nice, scarce dug example, that is silver washed. This button was found in a sandy area and no doubt the reason so much of the silver wash is intact. You rarely see these, measuring 23mm, made of copper with one piece construction. The NC is on a wavy lined background within a ring 11mm in diameter. 7 point stars with the prime one down, a stippled field sits behind the star. This series is struck sharply with a crisp die, and being silver washed it shows wonderful detail on the front, and will always show the impression of the strike on the back. This one as usual is missing the shank. These again are reportedly made by Louis Froehlich and B. Estvan at there Wilmington Sword factory, which moved to Keanansville in 1862.

This button was found years ago by Allen Gaskins at Fort fisher, Kure beach area.
Ref: Tice NC242b1 -

North Carolina Sunburst

nc16cfront.jpg(34180 bytes)
nc16cback.jpg(27613 bytes)
Backmark: ""Southern Wartime Manufacture"
Scarce dug example, that is silver washed. This series is by far the scarcest the least attractive and crudely made of the NC 15-16 series. Measuring 23mm, die struck, made of copper with one piece construction. The NC is widely spaced apart, almost touching the inside border of the ring on a very crude lined field within a ring 12mm in diameter. 7 point stars with the prime one up, a stippled field sits behind the crudely and less pronounced rays of the sunburst, which take up a good portion of the front. Again the impression of the strike is on the back. This one as usual is missing the shank. These again are reportedly made by Louis Froehlich and B. Estvan at there Wilmington Sword factory, which moved to Keanansville in 1862.

This button was found years ago by Allen Gaskins a little north of Wilmington N. C. .
Ref: Tice NC242c1 -


South Carolina Militia Button

sc19front.jpg(34180 bytes)
sc19back.jpg(27613 bytes)
Backmark: ""SCHUR & BLAND/CHARLESTON" rmdc(24mm)
Very rare and scarce (especially in this condition) excavated 2 piece, convex South Carolinia Militia Coat button. Depicting the state coat of arms, showing in great detail the palmetto tree on the seashore. At the base of the tree is an oak tree log, representing the british fleet. Twelve spears are bound to the base of the tree. This represents the 12 American colonies. The palmetto fronds on this button are in a fan style shape. The arrows are long, with one touching the log and one extending beyond. All on a lined background. The state motto encircles the bottom of the button, "animis Opibusque Parati" meaning "prepared in mind And Resources". The back is convex and is complete with the full shank. The backmark which is not usually legible is very clear and crisp on this button. These very attractive but crude buttons were made in limited quantity by the firm of Bernard Schur and Josiah Bland. They operated out of Charleston South Carolina on the south side of market street, in the early part of the war. This button was excavated in the Charleston SC area.
Ref: Albert-SC19, Tice-SC272A.1. -