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Updated 03/22/2017

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We am pleased to offer the following Civil War relics

All items on this page are for historical reference and education

To further promote the hobby of Civil War collecting, history and preservation of our nations past.


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Here is a super cool early dug piece from pioneer collector Mr. William Gavin. What can you say about these early dug plates, and a C. S. one at that. Here we have a "C. S. Gutter Back frame buckle". Never cleaned and just as found, with a piece torn out right by where the one belt tongue was. Plate is classic style, early war production. Constructed of brass in the sand-cast mold process, with duel fixed tongue with a distinct "deep grooved" or "gutter Back" style. Surface of the frame is in good condition, but only has one of the fixed tongues, and a center bar that is slightly offset. Missing tongue was forcibly broken off and took with it a section of the frame that is missing. Was this piece (bullet struck, artillery struck, we can only wonder). This buckle measures @ 57 x65 mm, and has no makers mark. This confederate issue "fixed tongue frame buckle" with the "gutter back" frame is the second most common style after the standard CS frame buckle. Otherwise the plate speaks for itself, and i wonder what it could tell us and shows the great quality of early dug plates.

As by the note written by Mr. Gavin this plate was dug on Jan 25 1959 in a confederate camp site on scene of Gen Meade's attack against General Gregg's brigade at Fredericksburg (Hamilton's Crossing) on Dec 13 1862
Ref: O'Donnell & Campbell plate 171


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Really pretty circular federal breastplate, with the great early patina you see from early dug plates. Super nice crisp face, with the back having the full lead and both attachment hooks present. This plate was recovered by, the legendary Mr.Sid Kirksis,in July 1955 at Cold Harbor from the position of the 1st division - 2nd army Corps area. Also has Mr. Kirksis's distinctive little brown envelope with all the info on it. Just a real beauty of a plate. You rarely see any of his plates offered for sale.


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Highly sought after early dug oval U.S. boxplate, in beautiful excavated condition, never been cleaned, and showing that great early patina these plates exhibit. Crisp nice US on front. With the back having all its lead backing and both attachment hooks. This plate was dug by non other than Mr. Beverly DuBose in Dec of 1955 in the area of Pickett's Mill Georgia. And so labeled on the back by him. Mr DuBose was one of the very first relic hunters to use a metal detector, which then were WWII mine detectors. He amassed one of the largest collections of Civil War relics and most reside now in the Atlanta Historical Society. An excellent piece of civil war history and his items are rarely seen. This piece was once part of the collection of Mike Miner. Also includes photo of him detecting .

Price -$350.00

SALE - $265.00

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Here is a super nice, excavated large letter boxplate, complete with both hooks on the back and maker marked, "W H Smith Brooklyn". The front has a very pleasing smooth chocolate patina, with a slight nick at the top, otherwise very nice. The back has both hooks intack and very solid, with smooth lead filling, with slight scratches and some potmarks. This maker mark plate is an early 1960's find from the Battlefield and camp area of Champion Hill Mississippi. Found by local relic hunter and collector Bob Bankston near the Baker,s creek crossing of Champion Hill. This is a beautifull piece of history from a historic battlefield area that you rarely see, and i am charging a little more for this documented piece.
Ref: O'Donnell & Campbell plate 483 (box plate)


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