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Updated 02/13/2014

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Recovered,non fired CS friction primer. Really neat little item,got from Me Lawrence Christopher a few years back ,when he was cleaning out his shop and found a few of these. Tag describes how it was found and where, signed by Mr Charles Harris.
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PRICE - $49.00

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This is a complete package of 12 second paper time fuses, in its original wrapping, marked "Frankford Arsenal,1863,12 second fuses." This is in an unopened state with a slight opening on the bottom and wrapped in a clear celafane type wrapping.Fine complete example


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C. S. Fuse Adapter & U. S. Parrot Fuse Adapter

Found On The Codori Farm
Here are two civil war artillery projectile time fuses, that were recovered from the fields of the Cordori farm. One is a confederate brass time fuse adapter in good condition. This one was made longer to allow for additional burn time for the paper inserts. Measures 1.9" long, with a flange dismeter of 1.24". Also shows two spanner slots with the 12 thread per inch. The union percussion time fuse is made of zinc and was used on the 3" parrot percussion shell. This one is 1-3/4" long and has the two spanner holes. They both show surface dirt from the battlefield, and are both in there original porcelin dish as displayed in the museum

The Codori Farm is located on the east side of the emmitsburg road, and was in the center of Pickett's charge on July 3rd, 1863. It was occupied by his niece, Catharine Codori Staub and her husband John Staub who both hid in the basement of the house. It is said that more than 500 confederat soldiers were buried on the property following the battle. The original farm house stands today.

These are from the Geiselman collection. I have all the paperwork from the Horse Soldier confirming this and will be given to the buyer.

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