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UPDATED 01/10/2018


All excavated buttons are excavated from private property with owners permission

Now Showcasing

A collection of Official Department, and Political buttons of the early era

Here you will find a variety of early buttons, political ,and official ,which are some of the most beautiful buttons around.

As a button collector, i have focused most of my collecting efferts on confederate buttons. Mainly confederate locals. I have only recently expanded my interests to include these beautiful buttons.

These buttons are some of the earliest ones that were made in the creation of our new nation. While very crude, very early ones just scream American pride in a new nation being formed out of war. Dug examples are a little more plentiful, but non dug ones are rarely offered on the market and have premium prices

I am very grate full and now the proud caretaker of some very early and rare buttons of the time period.

There are not many dealers out there dealing with this early period. Many buttons stay in collections for decades and only pass hands after a collector has passed on

We am pleased to now have a few of these in our collection

All items on this page are for historical reference and education

To further promote the hobby of military button collecting, history and preservation of our nations past.





Political buttons of the early era, are some of the most beautiful around.

pc316afront.JPG (34180 bytes)
pc316aback.JPG (27613 bytes)
Backmark: "N.R. Co./Goodyear's P-t. 1851"(25mm)"
Wow, excellent condition campaign of 1868 political coat button, very rare.This button is made of hard rubber, and the front is in excellent shape, with great detail. The front shows the Jugate busts of Seymour and Blair facing left with the inscription "SEYMOUR & BLAIR 1868", flat with border on a lined field. The back is smooth with the tight intact shank, and the raised back mark. They ran against Grant and Colfax in the 1868 election. Political buttons of this condition rarely come up for sale and are highly sought after. Albert gives this a RV-100 on this button
Ref: Albert PC316, -

pc82front.JPG (34180 bytes)
pc82back.JPG (27613 bytes)
Backmark: Backname button, plain front (20 mm)"
Extremely rare, hard to come by and in very good overall condition, Andrew Jackson campaign button of 1829. This is a one piece button, with plain front. Has a very smooth, clean front. The back with the full stand up shank has the 18 stars encircling the outer part of the button. Inside is a type of curved in square, with the outside of each side that reads "ANDREW JACKSON MARCH 4 :1829: ". When worn it would look like a blank button, but the back revealing the wearers affiliation. This is a superb, crisp button
Ref: Albert PC82b,pictured page 505 -

pc206afront.JPG (34180 bytes)
pc206aback.JPG (27613 bytes)
Backmark: "Scovills & Co/Superfine"- rmdc (23 mm)"
Another Extremely rare, superb condition Henry Clay campaign of 1845 button. This button is a flat 2 piece construction with a nice ornamental rim. The front showing the bust of Clay facing right with inscription "HENRY CLAY 1845"., with a wavy vertically lined field. Very good eye appeal. The back has the full stand up shank and very crisp back mark. Not a flaw in this one.
Ref: Albert PC206a, -


OD Buttons

Official and Diplomatic buttons of the U. S. are some of the most beautifully made and interesting buttons around. In the early days they were worn by the diplomat corp and also may have been used by the armed forces. Not a lot is known of these early ones, that have now come down many generations preserved to us.

U. S. Official Diplomat Button

diplomatcufffront.jpg (34180 bytes) diplomatcuffback.jpg (27613 bytes)
Backmark: ""Blank"(15mm)
Very hard to find and rare, cuff or hat button, worn by the diplomatic corps. This one is in non dug condition, and while it does show some wear, it has super nice features. Made of one piece and is flat, dates to before 1820's or earlier. This die pattern is very similar to Alberts OD 5b, but yet different. Depicts the up winged eagle facing right, shield in middle. Above the eagle's head are 13- 5 pointed stars (which could represent the states at the time) with rays above. Holds the olive branch in right talon, with 5 arrows in its left. Middle feathers rounded at bottom. The back is blank with the full stand up shank which appears to be integral to the button and shows split mold lines. Very unique and interesting little button
Ref: Albert - Unlisted

U. S. Official Diplomat Button

od7front.JPG (34180 bytes) od7back.JPG (27613 bytes)
Backmark: ""TREBLE GILT/*************" rm(23mm)
Really good condition U. S. Official, one piece button. The front showing the eagle facing right, three arrows in right talon and the olive branch in left. with 17 , six pointed stars encircling. This one has the strike a little off center.Very clean and crisp front. The back has the full stand up shank intact. There is some wear to the back with very pronounced mold seam present. The back mark is unique and reads "TREBLE GILT(Floral pattern above) with an inner circle of 13, six pointed stars". Could represent the thirteen states.
Ref: Albert - OD7 - Unlisted

U. S. Official Diplomat Button

od3front.JPG (34180 bytes) od3back.JPG (27613 bytes)
Backmark: ""EXTRA RICH/ORANGE"(23mm)
Nice condition U. S. Official , one piece button.The front showing the eagle facing right, with outstretched wings, and large shield in breast. The left talon holds one arrow and the right holds the olive branch. Between both wings is a ribbon which reads "E. PLURIBUS UNUM". Encircling is 16-6 pointed stars. The back is missing the shank, with the back mark "extra rich/orange".
Ref: Albert - OD3

U. S. Official Diplomat Button

od2avfront.JPG (34180 bytes) od2avback.JPG (27613 bytes)
Backmark: ""*Carter*/Lombard Street"(16mm)
Reall nice condition little cuff, U. S. Official, one piece button. The front with somewhat dark apperance, shows the the eagle with head to the right holding the ribbon in its beak, which reads "E PLURIBUS UNUM". Has a plain shield in its breast, along with the arrows in its left talon and olive branch in its right. Encircling is 16-6 pointed stars. The back with worn apperance has the full stand up shank intact along with the back mark within two solid rope style rings. Nifty little button
Ref: Albert - OD2Av