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Presented by David Gerber
The Civil war collection of Phillip D. Miller

A number of years ago, a collection of civil war buttons were bought by a dealer from the family of civil war veteran Mr. Phillip D. Miller. These buttons were then in turn sold off, and advertised as taken from the uniforms of confederate soldiers. I was able to acquire two of them. It's too bad they all could not have been kept together, but by keeping part of the providence together will ensure there right place in History.

Phillip Derr Miller was born February 11 1838 and died at the age of 77 on October 31 1915. In the spring of 1858, Mr. Miller came to Schoolcraft with his father and engaged in farming near the village until August, 1862, when he enlisted in Company L, Fifth Michigan Cavalry, from which, three weeks later, he was transferred to the Twenty-fifth Michigan Infantry as Hospital Steward. He marched with his regiment to the front and served until the close of the war in the capacity of Hospital Steward, Second Lieutenant and Assistant Surgeon. Having served in Kentucky, he marched with Gen. Burnside into East Tennessee, and served under Gen. Sherman in Georgia until after the capture of Atlanta. Under Gen. Thomas he followed the Confederates back to Nashville and was in the two-days fight at that place, after which he was transferred to the East at Ft. Fisher. He was at Wilmington and Raleigh, and at the surrender of Johnson's army, being absent from his regiment only nine days on a furlough. In July, 1865, he was mustered out of service, having gained a record as a courageous soldier. His brother, Daniel F., also enlisted in the defense of the Union and was killed in front of Richmond while with Gen. Sheridan on his rai

During his time in service, he was able to acquire and collect a number of buttons and buckle from confederate uniforms. He brought these back home with him as cherished mementoes. Were these off of wounded or the dead, was he given them, who knows, that’s all lost to time now.

Miller buttons

Above is the collection as sold to the civil war dealer years ago


Above is a war time photo

p miller

Above is his grave stone

The two buttons I have are below.

Mississippi Infantry coat button


Outstanding and Absolutely beautiful button, NON dug, Mississippi Infantry coat button. Two piece, convex. Has "MISSISSIPPI" surrounding a five pointed beveled star with the letter "I" on a plain field. A dot lies at the bottom or 6 o'clock area. The surface of the star rays were stippled, but this one there are none or worn off. Either way this button is in near perfect condition with very crisp lettering, without any bangs, nicks, scrapes. The back has the original wire shank firmly in place, with a depressed channel. This button was made by Casimir Rouyer of New Orleans

Louisiana Militia coat button



Outstanding and Absolutely beautiful button, NON dug, Louisiana Militia coat button. Southern wartime manufacture. Two piece, convex, showing the spread winged pelican on a lined field facing right, with her head down injuring her breast so she can feed he four nestlings below. This button is loaded with gold gilt and is stunning, without any bangs, nicks, scrapes. The back has the original wire shank firmly in place, with a depressed channel, with the crude crimping around. This button was most likely made by Casimir Rouyer of New Orleans